Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Am I the only soldier, past and present, I am mostly past, that does not approve of the wearing of the black beret with our former dress blue uniform now our only off the field uniform?  I believe that field grade officers have the choice of wearing the garrison hat, but as seen on TV on the sidelines of pro football games most wear the beret.   Others grades appear to have no other choice.
The sight of four stars pinned over the light blue beret flash looks out of place.
The Old Guarders of all ranks wear the garrison brimmed cap and they look great---as an honor guard should.  They also have the advantage of the gold waste belt, very spiffy.

Why can't all the soldiers look that good?
A good decision was made when they put the old ranger cap back on the battle dress.  Will some general step up and change the duty uniform and get ride of the beret.  Let the elite troops have it as they once did.  Airborne and Rangers deserve distinctive status.

Come on, what  do you think.

Colonel Dave Fitz-Enz, USA ret
173rd Airborne once upon a time.

Turkey trip , Army War College, class of 86

The high light of the trip was a visit to an active mosque.  The Blue Mosque on the Golden Horne.
It has six minarets.  It was an inspiration.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Carol and I spent the weekend at the National Maritime Historical Society in Peekskill NY.  I was the guest speaker and spoke about my latest book, Hacks, Sycophants, Adventurers & Heroes, Madison's commanders in the the War of 1812.

We had a great time and met many with the same interests.


This is my first day at the blog.
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